téa boyarchuk


‘tarare’ is a linear, narrative based game that leads the audience through the destructive domains of colourism and texturism. the prevalence and the fatalistic goal of attaining white beauty adjacency drives the narrator down the rabbit hole, asking the audience what the conditions are for true and earnest self-love.

through the exploration of language and material assets tied to colourism and texturism, the audience is privy to new (or re-established) knowledge, at the expense of knowing what the costs of such standards are.

stemming from the artist’s own reckoning with eurocentric beauty standards, ‘tarare’ is an open invitation to explore the dizzying sensation of fighting against one’s best interests.

artist: téa boyarchuk
twine developer/designer: lawrence monroe marable
sound designer: samia ageli

links to vernissage livestream & artist talk